Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In serch of the Balance between food and fitness

I am a 42 yr old woman with a, lets just say, hearty appetite for food and drink.  I love food. 

Once when planning a trip to Italy with my husband, I scheduled 3 days in Bologna just so that I could have "Tortellini en Brodo".  That is how committed I am to my quest for everything gastronomic.

And to boot, my husband and I are both chefs.  And all our friends are Chefs or Bartenders! So whenever we are together, there is always food and drink. 

Oh, and one last point.... I live in New Orleans, basically the capital of  Food and Drinks in America.

So whats the problem you may ask? Well my problem is that I was diagnosed with a hyper thyroid a yr ago that I guess I have had for quite some time.  Since moving to New Orleans 12 yrs ago, I have managed to gain 100lbs.  Yikes, I know. 

So I have had radiation on my Thyroid and am feeling much better, but I have to figure out how to lose the hundred pounds that I have gained.

I recently saw and episode of  Jackie Warners new show on bravo called "Thinervention".  And so with my new inspiration, I went in search for her book, "This is why your Fat".

Well after hitting Barns and Noble and Borders, only to find out that they were both out of stock in their stores, I was able to borrow a copy from a friend.

I guess all the overweight, Bravo watching people had the same idea I had.

So as I read, I realized that there is no way I could follow her program.  I just don't have the commitment or really just face it, the want to. 

So I have decided that I would try to figure out a way to enjoy the things (ie food and drink) that I love but to some how balance it with the things that I know I need (ie exercise) to make me healthier and fitter.

So lets see how it goes.

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